How to clear TET exam?

The TET (Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test) is an exam that needs to be cleared to teach in schools or colleges in Tamil Nadu, India. Candidates who want to apply must hold a Degree of at least a three-year bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks or an equivalent grade from any university recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This article will give you information about preparing for the test and what materials are required to take it.

Thu Apr 28, 2022

The Eligibility Process

"A thorough study of NCERT textbooks and reference books is very essential for writing answers to objective-type questions"

To register for your TET exam, you will first need to gather your application documents (you can find a complete list of eligibility criteria here). In addition, you will also have to pay a fee that ranges from 1,200-to 2,500 INR. Depending on which state you live in, there may be other fees or paperwork you have to submit as well. You’ll also need an ID card and an Adhaar card (similar to an American Social Security Number). You can obtain your Adhaar card by visiting one of India’s many government offices—it takes about 15 minutes and is free. Once you’ve registered for your exam and gathered all of your documentation, and paid any applicable fees, it’s time to sit down and study! It’s important to remember that TET exams are not like college entrance exams. They are practical tests designed to assess whether or not you have what it takes to teach students at different levels of education. The best way to prepare for your TET exam is with hands-on experience teaching children and teenagers close in age to those you might teach once you pass your exam. You should seek opportunities at local schools, community centers, religious organizations, or even online communities. Many states offer preparation courses for teachers prior to their TET exam date. Check with your district board office or contact your state board of education for more information. If you don’t have access to such courses in person, several books are available online and through bookstores that can help you prepare for your TET test (see below). Again, keep in mind that these books are only meant to supplement real-world practice; they aren't comprehensive enough on their own to adequately prepare you for your exam. One of the best places to learn about TET and other government exams is classupon. It is an online coaching site for teacher's eligibility tests, NEET, JEE, etc... It provides video classes with interactive features to learn teacher's eligibility tests in Tamilnadu and other states.

Challenges Faced by aspirants

The Tamil Nadu government has a scheme of providing financial support in taking coaching institutes. However, even with such schemes in place, many students still have trouble getting into quality institutions due to budget constraints. This problem can be easily solved by students joining these TET Coaching Institutes or becoming a part of the quality material that different Coaching institutes provide. Many aspirants approach the first time without knowing what they are going through. The following are suggested points that might help you step ahead in confidence before facing any challenging exams 1) Get a good understanding of syllabus and pattern: It is essential to know about syllabus and pattern to make it easy for you to prepare accordingly. Several study materials are available online, but one should prefer reputed study materials only. 2) Clear your basics: If you have not been able to score well in your 10th or 12th examination, then you must clear your basics as quickly as possible because it plays an important role in preparation for the Teachers Eligibility Test 3) Practice makes perfect: Once you go through complete study material then start practicing questions daily basis. Make sure that you are doing self-corrections after each question. 4) Make notes: Aspirants must keep their notes organized adequately so that they can refer to them whenever required. Notes play a vital role during examinations 5) Take mock tests regularly: Mock tests help aspirants to understand their mistakes and rectify them immediately 6) Keep yourself motivated throughout the exam preparation period 7) Don’t get demotivated if you don’t get desired marks in mock tests 8) Maintain proper timing while preparing for exam 9) Don’t take any stress while preparing for exam 10) Never think negative 11) Remember there is always room for improvement

Aspirants should follow the points mentioned above at least once to succeed in the Teachers Eligibility Test and get to know better. We have classupon app on android in which you can ask any questions about any educational topic, and our expert teacher's panel will answer your questions. Do check our app classupon and download it for you to use.

Study Material

IN APRIL AND OCTOBER, the TNPSC conducts a computer-based Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) twice a year. There are three parts to it: Language Comprehension, Elementary Mathematics, and Elementary Science. As most of you will appear for the examination only if you want to teach in government schools across Tamil Nadu, there is no point in going through an in-depth preparation with reference books. One learns only what is taught in class VIII till class XII. However, it is good practice to spend time reading during your spare time while keeping yourself up-to-date with current affairs so that you do not face any surprises during your interview session. It is essential to have basic knowledge of history, geography, political science, and economics. Also, prepare for special children who need extra care, like those who have autism or other learning disabilities. Learn about the functioning of our system from local village panchayat to national parliament. You should be able to make intelligent comments on issues like female foeticide or the importance of cleanliness which come up frequently in discussions at home or with friends and family members etc...It would be helpful if you read newspapers regularly and stay updated on the news regarding India and its neighboring countries as it helps us broaden our perspective and improve our analytical skills. Besides, English language proficiency must be developed by taking classes conducted by TET coaching institutes at regular intervals before appearing for a written exam. A thorough study of NCERT textbooks and reference books is very essential for writing answers to objective-type questions. For subjective type questions, candidates can gain information from guidebooks published by famous private publishers like Arihant Publications, Pustak Mahal, etc., especially when they are preparing for their interview sessions. In addition to all these, taking mock tests regularly will help students develop speed and accuracy while answering questions within the given time frame. So join a TET coaching institute today clasupon can help you to succeed!


TET is a tough exam and requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice to succeed. No matter how much you think you’re ready, give yourself plenty of time to prepare and study to pass with flying colors. Remember, every challenge you meet will help build your ability as an educator and give you more valuable knowledge that can be passed on to students later on down the road. TET is really just a step towards achieving your goals – don’t let it intimidate you! The Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) is an exam conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu to recruit teachers into government schools across India. It is mandatory for candidates who wish to become teachers in government schools within Tamil Nadu.

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