Tips to crack JEE Mains

What are some tips to crack JEE Mains?

Hey champs, you know that cracking JEE exam would bring you a stairway to get admission s eat in top institutions of India such as IITs NITs CFTIs. This exam is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) every year. Though it is believed to be one of the toughest examinations to crack, there are ample of chances to crack it within first attempts even by preparing at home rather than studying in coaching centers, and every candidates gets opportunity to appear for the exam twice if the candidate has failed in the very first attempt. If you are aspiring to crack this exam and pursue your academic career in such institutions, then you have landed to the right place.

Here are some tips for cracking JEE Main examination:

Formalize your study plan

Being a JEE aspirant you should very well know that, every successful people succeeded for the particular circumstance that they have followed a format for their preparation, a systematic plan rather than an unprepared way of work, formalizing your study plan is much more important which would include a perfect timetable which equally covers the subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics and extra time for high weightage chapters which require additional practice than usual. A proper understanding of JEE syllabus is the essential part of a student who aspires to crack the examination. So prepare a right timetable that fits your routine and that is convenient enough to be followed. Make sure that you never skip the schedule throughout the study plan.

Invest enough time for the preparation

Atleast six hours of study is mandatory and more than sufficient to crack the exam in the first attempt. The time you spend for your preparation determines the success possibility of you to pass in the examination. Some students are quick learners and some are slow in it, so a student should spend enough time according to his/her ability in solving the questions. Sparing time for revision is more important than just solving the problem. Since there are no common structure of question paper pattern for JEE mains, it would change every year. So you should be strong enough to give a bold attempt when you appear for the exam. And that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to solve the previous year papers. Solving the previous year problems would bring you clarity on how you prepare yourself.

Have a regular practice

Aspirants should have a proper practice on regular basis. They should study every day, skipping even a day would disturb the schedule and the brain which helps you to continuously feed information on daily basis. Possessing required study material is crucially important to get prepared. There are various online websites that provide enough study material for the aspirants. Since calculators are not allowed during the exam so please avoid calculators while solving problems. There are so many topics to learn and regularly and practicing would only work its way to crack the exam.

Stay consistent with your flow

Preparing for JEE exam along with the academic studies is way more challenging and balancing both the preparation would stress out students, prepared out of stress would bring possibility that it goes in vain. The time should be properly utilized so as to bring confidence and clarity. Make sure that you have enough break every now and then so that you feel relaxed in between and that helps to become a quick learner even if you take more time than others to complete. Never stop trying, Consistency always pays.

Evaluate yourself

You know yourself better than anyone else and to know you better self evaluation is required. Engage yourself in mock tests very often that helps to evaluate yourself so you can improve yourself after attempting of each mock test. Its ok if the mock test scores are not what you expected, take time and practice more. Repeated practice would eventually increase the scores for the mock tests. Tactics like checking the timing you took to solve each question and trying to reduce the time per question results in excellent time management. There are plenty of JEE mock test available online through websites.

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