Secret of Clearing UGC NET in Single Attempt

Before you show up to the test centre, it’s important to know what to expect from your UGC NET exam and how you can best prepare for it. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of the UGC NET exam, examine what you need to do before test day, give you some important tips about how to perform your best on the test day itself, and outline some useful resources for preparing for the test. Let’s get started!


UGC Net Exam 2022: Test-Assessment Preparation Guide

Why take the UGC NET exam? 

There are plenty of reasons to take UGC NET exam, but if you are trying to break into teaching in India, it’s really a no-brainer. The UGC NET syllabus, after all, is used as a major hiring tool by colleges and universities throughout India. What’s more, being an approved NET Qualified Person (as these exams are collectively known) means you’re eligible for several tax incentives and even state accreditation. So what exactly do you need to know? Read on...

How should I approach my preparation? 

When studying for your UGC NET Professional exam, focus on reading through different sections of syllabus to ensure that you know what is being tested. It will also be valuable to talk with faculty at your university and ask questions about how to best prepare for those sections on test day. A great way to do well on your UGC NET Professional exam is to make sure you’re prepared—do not procrastinate! Begin studying a year before you take your exam; start early and be diligent. You should expect that it takes roughly 300 hours to prepare adequately for your UGC NET Professional exam, so it’s important to carve out time in your schedule each week if you want to reach that number. If you are aiming to pass your exam on your first try, it’s recommended that you study for 200+ hours (or even more). In addition to studying specific sections of syllabus and taking practice exams, we recommend talking with other candidates who have taken their exams recently or asking current NET professors about what they think are good ways to study. They can give you insight into which methods work best and which don’t when preparing for an NET exam.

What type of language proficiency is needed?

Your subject area will likely determine what types of language proficiency you’ll need to be successful on a UGC NET exam. For example, if you’re studying English as a Second Language (ESL), you’ll need basic proficiency in English for listening, speaking, reading and writing. Other subjects may require further competency in English and one or more foreign languages. The UGC lists all required language competencies for each subject on its website, so check with your program before planning your course load. It is also helpful to consider how much time you have left until your test date; take into account that it takes several months to become proficient in a new language. To meet deadlines, some students opt for self-study courses over university courses—but don’t overlook opportunities at local colleges and universities that offer these courses at discounted rates or even free of charge. The best way to prepare for an NET exam is by familiarizing yourself with past papers. 

How many attempts are allowed? 

Once you’ve registered for a UGC NET exam, you’re only allowed to take it once. The only exception is if you fail to qualify—in which case, you can retest after six months have passed. If you want to retake an exam that you’ve already passed, that’s fine too; just make sure that you give yourself enough time between tests so that your scores aren’t affected by test anxiety. 

How much time will I have to prepare for the exam? 

Typically, NET exam takers will have between 3 to 6 months to prepare for their upcoming exam. If you’re looking at starting a Ph.D., these are your options: Three years (36 months) for an M.Phil.; two years (24 months) for an integrated M.Phil./Ph.D.; and one year (12 months) for a Ph.D alone—with no opportunity of extension beyond that period. So, if you’re planning on applying in September 2019, it might be worth planning to take your NET in June or July 2020. In order to give yourself enough time to prepare for UGC NET exam syllabus here is what I recommend: Read through UGC NET Syllabus 2018 . Download all sample papers from here . Make sure that you understand each topic before moving forward with other topics. If you find a topic difficult then spend more time on it. Practice as many questions as possible from previous years question papers and try to solve them in minimum possible time. Prepare your own notes based on your understanding of different topics and revise them again and again till it becomes second nature to you. Practice continuously till last date of NET exam application form submission so that you are well prepared for NET exam day. 

Where can I get help in my preparation for the exam? The best way to prepare for a test is to create a plan for your test preparation. We’ve got a complete guide that can help you figure out how much time and effort you need to put into studying. The key takeaways? Set goals, know your learning style, and choose great materials. To make it easier on yourself, look online for study materials like online forums and apps (we hear is really helpful!) that can give you guidance as you study. 



Ahead of each exam, UGC NET provides detailed information about what to expect from each section of the exam. Be sure to check these out in advance so you have an idea of what kinds of questions will be asked! This platform helps all students in India get an early start on their studies. As students access all of their educational resources through one simple login page, they are able to build custom revision schedules around any exams they may have coming up—including government exams such as UGC NET and many others. And with UGC NET’s Prep Ahead feature, you can see what topics you should be focusing on during your final weeks of studying. You can even send study reminders to yourself or other people, so that no matter where life takes you—whether it’s an important meeting or family event—you won’t forget to hit pause on your schedule and do some last-minute cramming! 

How will the exam be conducted? 

UGC NET examinations are now conducted online through Pearson VUE’s (Virtual User Environment) computer-based testing system. Previously, NET exams were conducted at centers across India and abroad. Now, only one exam center will be used for all NET exams. This new examination system is known as CBT (Computer Based Testing). Read more about CBT here. How many questions will there be?: The number of questions in each section of an online NET exam remains unchanged from previous years. There are three sections in total, with two compulsory sections (English Language & Comprehension Skills and General Studies & Aptitude) and a third optional section which can be chosen from either of these two sections or from any other subject area that has been approved by UGC for inclusion in NET examinations. 

Is there any available online material on the exam pattern, syllabus, and previous papers? 

If you want to get an idea of what material is going to be covered in the exam, the Indian educational board has created a sample test for NET exam 2022. The sample test contains several choice questions as well as two essays that are designed by experts from NCERT. It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to kickstart their preparations. The previous years’ papers are also available online and can be accessed freely. There are many sites out there that offer resources on how to study effectively, including flashcards and videos on topics like biology or economics. One site I really like is called it offers practice tests with explanations, tips on how to study effectively, videos explaining concepts in detail—the list goes on. 


After all, we have so many test preps to get through, and you don’t want to waste time on subpar ones. That’s why you need an accurate and thorough preparation guide—one that takes into account of UGC NET syllabus and gives your guidance on how to make sure you pass. After all, when we start planning out our finances and other investment plans in advance of any exam, passing is what matters. Some of its benefits are listed below: It can help you build a career in teaching or research as well as provide an entry point for doctoral programs. It helps teachers who wish to work abroad at institutions such as universities, colleges, and language schools etc., where NET qualification is required for employment. NET exam 2022 is one of those exams that are not easy to pass and it takes a lot of hard work and preparation to get through it. But if you’re willing to put in that effort, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pass! It can help you build a career in teaching or research as well as provide an entry point for doctoral programs. It helps teachers who wish to work abroad at institutions such as universities, colleges, and language schools etc., where NET qualification is required for employment. NET exam 2022 is one of those exams that are not easy to pass and it takes a lot of hard work and preparation to get through it.

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